What we provide:

BR COMPRESSORES SERVICE has a wide range of equipment and spare parts for Compressors, Pumps, Turbines, Pumps Units, Motors, Valves, among others, serving the most varied sectors, such as:

Oil extraction


BR COMPRESSORES SERVICE has tradition of supplying various equipment for industrial area, such as:

Alternative Compressors, Scroll, Screw, among others.
Speed Reducers.
Pumps Centrifugal, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, among others.
Electric motors.
Hydraulic Motors.
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).
Industrial valves.


A BR COMPRESSORES SERVICE has tradition of supplying several spare parts for industrial area, such as:

Spares for Industrial Compressors.
Spares for Winches and Cranes.
Spares for Speed Reducers.
Spares for industrial pumps.
Spare Parts for Pumping Units.
Spares for Engines (Diesel, Gas, Hydraulic and Pneumatic)
Spares for Turbines (Steam and Gas).
Spares for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
Spares for Generators.
Spares for Industrial Valves.
Spares for Drilling Probes.
Filters and Filter elements for industrial area.