BR COMPRESSORES SERVICE LTDA has been in the market since 2003, offering the best solutions in industrial parts and equipment. The company is the result of a courageous search for new horizons, combining competence, effectiveness and credibility with the business market, combined with dynamism, agility and innovation (ou vital source). These strengths & qualities drive a silent and continuous revolution in unceasing pursuit of the strategic goals of productivity, profitability and expansion. The base and summit of the company is called INNOVATION. We are looking for, at this moment, the partnership of companies that rigorously ensure quality standards in all aspects of our business, aiming at the alignment or appropriateness of purposes: Predict, Fulfill, Surprise and why not say, Enchant customers (main focus), generating , Consequently the optimization of resources and growth of operational reliability.

Knowledge of the market and the agents that integrate it, make the competitive advantages are transmitted in a direct and objective way.


Our priority is to overcome barriers of distance, weather, climatic factors, technology, with the aim of delivering to our customers the services and products they need to successfully achieve their goal.